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Nottingham Hypnotherapist David MorriceMy name is David Morrice. I'm qualified in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, backed up with wide ranging career experience in training and development and a long-term passion for personal development.

My past career includes travelling throughout Europe training people from many different cultures for a worldwide corporate organisation, to supporting a UK company with role-play training for crisis management.

Following redundancy, I volunteered for Raleigh International, training to support self-development for challenged 18 to 25 year olds from around the world.

Whilst leading expedition project groups to places like Africa and Borneo, the rewarding work of helping people move their life forward positively, inspired
me to pursue training in personal therapies.

I'm married with adult children and enjoy a happy work-life balance with many active leisure interests including walking my dog whilst enjoying the fresh air as an ex-smoker who quit through hypnotherapy.

I'm a member of The Hypnotherapy Association and abide by their code of professional practice and ethics. I will work with you in an open, equal and trusting partnership, providing a confidential and safe place to address your issues. As well as hypnotherapy, I can offer a wide range of techniques including NLP and guided visualisation.

If you prefer to work with a woman, or would like a talking therapy approach, my wife, Jayne Morrice, is a qualified and experienced psychotherapeutic counsellor, and partner in Lifechoices Therapies Nottingham practice. 
You can find out more about about the range of counselling, psychotherapy and life skills coaching services she can offer at her website: Lifechoices Counselling Nottingham

David Morrice Dip. Hyp - Hypnotherapist in Nottingham
Coronation Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JN
Telephone: 0115 9623799  Mobile: 07828 163923

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