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notingham hypnotherapist david morriceImprove your ability to deal with situations that cause you to feel Stressed, Anxious, Unhappy or Depressed and reduce the physical symptoms that go with feeling pressured.

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for instance is a functional disorder which has symptoms for which no physiological or anatomical cause has been identified. IBS itself is only one of the many potential symptoms of stress and anxiety. IBS and many of the other symptoms can be managed effectively using hypnotherapy.

(for further information, go to the "what Hypnotherapy treats" page for a more detailed article on IBS symptoms and treatment)

Using hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching techniques and with good listening skills, I can help you deal with a wide range of issues, including:

Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Behavioural issues, Confidence, Crisis, Depression, Fears, Health & wellbeing, IBS, Inhibitions, Self-esteem, Self help, Stress, Pain, Phobia, Weight.

Please visit my blogsite 'Lifechoices Therapy Nottingham' for more in-depth articles, hints and tips about these issues

'Lifechoices Hypnotherapy Nottingham' is part of the Lifechoices Therapy team. Our private practice can offer appointments for hypnotherapy or counselling, at times to suit your lifestyle.  As a commitment to making hypnotherapy accessable to all, I'm pleased to offer lower cost sessions during my off peak times of 9.00am - 12.00 noon on weekdays from our consulting rooms in Mapperley.

man in hypnosisBenefits from Hypnotherapy
Whatever the challenges you're facing, hypnotherapy can offer a reasonable and relatively quick results, with some issues taking 2-5 sessions to resolve, whilst with others it just takes a little longer. It's also likely, whilst addressing your problem, you'll also experience 'change for the better' in many other areas of your life.

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David Morrice Dip.Hyp. - Nottingham Hypnotherapist
4 Coronation Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JN
Telephone: 0115 9623799  Mobile: 07828 163924

As well as our Mapperley practice (NG3/NG5), I can also see clients at 'Remedy Treatments' in Stapleford (NG9/10) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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